fredag 28. oktober 2022

Adjø Rocky... 

My last and dearest dog, Rocky, passed away from me on monday 24. October at 4:45 p.m. quitely in my arms.

He was healty until sunday evening, when he would not eat his food. He died before we could see a vet. Monday morning he felt better, but I had a bad feeling, and then called the vet to come home. The vet thought it was a circulatory failure since it went so fast, and also because of age. I know he has had a very good daily life with playing and long walks, and he has always been able to sleep in my bed, and be with me all over. We have had lots of fun and shows together as well.  I loved this kind dog, and have cried my eyes empty since he went over. Thanks so much to his breeder and family for this beautiful, faithful dog that will be my last one. Everything has its time. I loved him so much. He would have been 14 years old next month. This last picture is from monday.

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